Both photo booths and mini sessions can rely heavily on the use of props for effect.  Here you will find information on all kinds of photo props.  From fun DIY projects to whole lists of ideas, you will hopefully find something to inspire you for your new project.

What are Photo Props - Pin 2

What are props in photography (and why use them)?

What are props in photography?  What makes something a good prop?  These are questions I asked myself once I started getting into portrait photography.  I loved being creative with my photos and trying out different things to bring life into my images.  I would constantly be playing with background ideas, trying to create fun and …

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Fall-Themed Photo Prop crate apples

Fall-Themed Photo Props (15 unique ideas)

Fall is finally here!  This is my absolute favorite time of the year: cooler weather, multicolored leaves, hot cups of coffee, throw blankets and…. Fall themed mini sessions and photo booths! This calls for some fall-themed photo props. Fall brings with it a lot of different festivals around the country.  A popular event at any fair …

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