I love using my letterboard.  Letterboards let you add fun sayings to your picture in a cute and easy to read way.  With winter and Christmas coming around, I wanted to use my letterboard in the most fun way possible.  I complied a list of Christmas and winter sayings for a letterboard to use.

A lot of these work well with certain settings or backgrounds.  I am hoping with 85 different ones to choose from, one will work with the photo setup you have in mind for your project!  Or, while reading through the options, you will be inspired for your next shoot. 

For each of these sayings, consider putting the year at the bottom of your letterboard.  That way you will know how old everyone was in the picture.  It is amazing how after so many years, it becomes hard to remember details like that. 

Since Christmas has so many different facets, I divided up the sayings into different groups.  And even though there are 50 different fall sayings for a letterboard here, there are so many more out there!  Use your imagination to create your own saying for your own photo shoot. 

Bellow are some Christmas and winter sayings for a letterboard, divided up into sub categories.

10 - Christmas and winter sayings for a letterboard - Pin 1

Letterboard sayings for general winter

Try using one of these fall sayings for a letterboard if you are doing outdoor pictures in the snow, a forest, or on a truck bed.  If you are doing indoor shoots, you can par the saying with a winter-themed backdrop.

  1. Tis the season
  2. Snow day!
  3. Time for scented candles
  4. I love winter
  5. Catching snowflakes
  6. Stay calm and winter is here
  7. Time for mittens and cocoa
  8. #snowfalling
  9. Knee deep in white
  10. The weather says… stay indoors
  11. Winter Wonderland
  12. Winter is my favorite time of the year
  13. Sweater weather
  14. Break out the sleds
  15. Hat, gloves, scarf… check!
  16. Snow, blankets, sleds, hot cocoa… #happywinter
  17. Let’s ski
  18. Build a snowman
  19. It is very “refreshing” outside!


Winter is a time for all the comfort food you could want.  Cookies, hot cocoa, pies, and candy are just some of the goodies waiting for us during the cold winter months.  Here are some letterboard sayings to showcase off the yummy time of year.

  • Save me a candy cane  
  • Making Christmas cookies
  • Hot cocoa weather
  • All I want for Christmas is cookies
  • Smells like cookies in here
  • Hot cocoa and Christmas movies
  • Cookies for santa
  • Let’s build a gingerbread house
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Letterboard sayings that are faith based

It is a holy season, so why not reflect that with your letterboard as well?  Here are some letterboard sayings for those who want to keep Christ in Christmas.

  • Away in a Manger
  • Reason for the Season
  • O Holy Night
  • Follow the star
  • Tidings of Comfort and Joy
  • It’s Jesus’s Birthday!

Letterboard sayings for Children

Have some babies or toddlers ready to tear into presents?  Try one of these letterboard sayings for a cute addition to their photo.  Hint: Also put the year at the bottom of the letterboard so you know how old your child was when the picture was taken. 

  • Dear Santa……
  • On Santa’s good list
  • I’m so merry
  • Been good all year
  • Best gift of all
  • Keep Calm and get presents
  • Little angel
  • You’re my Christmas wish
  • Santa came
  • Cute and Cheery
  • So cute even the leaves fall for me
  • ________ my name and Christmas is my game
  • So excited, I can’t sleep
  • Can I meet the reindeer?
10 - Christmas and winter sayings for a letterboard - Pin 3

Letterboard sayings for “Hello”

“Hello *insert month or season*” pictures are very trendy.  A lot of times these work well for pictures that don’t necessarily have any people in them.  Try one of these sayings and lay the letterboard on the floor or table.  Surround the letterboard with ornaments, candy canes, presents, and more.  Or stick one under the tree and let the branches frame your board.  Take a picture from above, and now you have a seasonal Facebook cover you took yourself!

  • Hello Winter
  • Hello Christmas
  • Hello December
  • Hello January
  • Hello New Year
  • Hello snow
  • Goodbye November, Hello December
  • Goodbye December, Hello January
  • Goodbye 2021, Hello 2022
  • Hello 2022
  • Goodbye fall, hello winter
  • Hello sweater weather  
  • Hello ______, please be kind

Letterboard sayings for New Years

Lots of people love to decorate for Halloween, and making cute letterboard sayings can be included in the decorations.  This year, try incorporating it into any Halloween pictures you may be taking. 

  • Party like its 2022
  • Kiss me at midnight
  • #newyear
  • Where is the champagne
  • Auld Lang Syne
  • ___ Days until 2022
  • New Year New Me
  • Best year yet  
  • My resolutions……
  • Goodbye 2021
  • Happy New Years
  • 3…2…1

Letterboard sayings for Christmas

Thanksgiving is a time for family and food.  If you are doing photos of your family members (letterboards usually work better if only one or two people are in the frame) you can have them hold a letterboard with a fun and festive saying.  After using your letterboard for pictures, you can set it near the table to use as a sweet decoration.  Hint: When doing photos also consider adding the year to the bottom of the letterboard.  The years run together, and you may be thankful latter to have an easy way to remember what year that picture was taken.

  • Merry and Bright
  • Merry Christmas
  • ___ Days until Christmas  
  • Hang the stockings  
  • Tomorrow will be Christmas Day
  • Christmas Blessings
  • Holly Jolly Christmas
  • December 25th
  • Put up the Christmas lights
  • You can see our house from space!
  • I love the smell of Christmas trees
  • Jingle all the way
  • Deck the halls this season


These are just some of the Christmas and winter sayings for a letterboard. Even if you have never used a letterboard in your pictures before, consider doing something different and trying it out this year.  It can be fun to come up with your own saying, that way you can make your pictures especially unique to you. 

If you are still running short of ideas, hold a contest between family members.  Have everyone create their own letterboard saying.  You can choose a winner, and use it for the photos.  Or, everyone can create their own saying to be used in their own picture.  It may be a way to get your family more excited about taking pictures this year!

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