I remember how excited I was when I saw those two pink lines. A baby was on the way! One thing I knew I wanted to
do was track the progression of my baby bump. I wanted photographic evidence of how big it was at each week in my
pregnancy. I had a bunch of ideas on how to take weekly pregnancy photos: cute props, using fruit to see what size the
baby is, making sure my hair was super cute, etc.

However, then the dreaded morning sickness came. I was lucky if I could stand up straight, let alone gussy myself up for
a picture. Plus, with all the hormones, I was lucky if I even remembered to take a picture that week. There was also a
laundry list of other things I had to do: Get the nursery ready, write baby shower thank yous, make sure I was taking
care of myself, and so on. That first pregnancy left me with only about 7 weeks total documented. Those 7 photos were
also haphazard, with no real consistency.

The second time around I was more prepared. I had learned what I needed to do in order to get consistent bump
growth photos. This time around I documented weeks 13-20, and weeks 23-39. There was a three-week period in there
where I got sick, so no pictures happened. I ended the pregnancy with a visual record of my bump journey. I loved
looking at the pictures and seeing how big I had gotten over the course of growing a little human.

Now that I learned some of the things to do on how to take weekly pregnancy photos, I wanted to pass them along for other moms-to-be. I have broken them down into five items:

  • Pick an ideal spot to take your photos
  • Choose a backdrop
  • Pick your number method
  • Setup your tripod/camera stand
  • Put reminders in your calendar

Let’s go into each of these in more depth.

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Pick an ideal spot

Since this will be a weekly event, it is good to scout out a location in your home that will be good for taking pictures.
Choose a spot that is fairly well lit and has room enough for you and your camera. A room with a big, bright window
works well. Also make sure it has a spot where you can keep your photography supplies and they won’t be disturbed.

Try choosing a spot that will not get a lot of activity during your pregnancy. This will help keep the area clear so you can
keep taking your pictures without having to clean the spot beforehand. The new nursery might be a good idea, since no
one will be using it for the duration of your pregnancy!

Some people like to choose an outdoor location as well. This can sometimes be tricky since the whole pregnancy will
run into three different seasons. Be sure if you choose an area outside that it is fairly sheltered from the elements.

Choose a backdrop

Next choose what you would like for your background. If you have a plain wall, that can work just fine! The important
thing is that the background is free and clear from too many distractions.

Some people like to choose a special backdrop for their photos. You can look on Amazon or backdrop sites to pick one
that will work well for you. If you choose to use a backdrop, you will need to make sure you have a way to hang it up. A
backdrop holder works well, or sometimes you can use painters’ tape. Or if there is a door, you can try hanging it over
the top of the frame.

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Pick your number method

What do I mean by number method? It is how you are going to document what week this is of your pregnancy. There
are several options you can choose from to suit your personality.

One option is to get stickers. You can buy stickers that have the week printed on them. You stick them to the side of
your belly, and you are good to go! The benefit is that they are easy to use. The downside is that you have to make sure
your arm is positioned so it doesn’t block the number.

Another option is to use a letterboard. Letterboards are clean and easy to use. They can be a little more time
consuming if you don’t have your numbers and letters already organized.

Yet another option is using a chalkboard. This is the method I used for both of my pregnancies. The advantage is that it
is cute and easy, especially if you keep the chalk nearby. A downside is that it is a tad messier, and can look dirty if you
don’t clean it well enough between pictures.

Whichever method you choose, keep the supplies near where you are going to be taking the pictures. Keep it in the
same spot each time, because memory issues are a real thing with pregnancy!

Setup your tripod/camera stand

One of the hardest things about taking your own photos (in any scenario) is finding someone to click the shutter button.
If you have someone at home, you can ask them nicely to play photographer while you model. However, they may not
be home when you need them. Or they may not have the best eye for photos. You could get done and find all your
pictures are blurry.

If using someone else to take your picture is not an option, consider investing in a tripod. A tripod is very useful in an
array of situations, and this is one of them. A nice feature of the tripod is that it is very easy to adjust the height, so you
have the picture taken at the level that works best for you.

If you don’t have another person and you don’t have a tripod, the next option is to get creative. You will need to find a
piece of furniture to set your camera on while it is taking a picture. If the furniture is not high enough, you may need to
stack books under your camera. This can be cumbersome, which is why I recommend investing in a tripod.

If using a tripod or other stand, you will need to use the timer feature on your camera or phone. Play around with the
settings on your device until you find how to delay pictures. Try practicing so you know how much time you have to get
back to your spot before the camera clicks.

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Put reminders in your calendar

One thing that was tough for me with this process was actually remembering another week had gone by. It wasn’t just knowing just how to take weekly pregnancy photos, it was also remembering that I needed to take them! It may seem like time is crawling, but little things can get away from you so easily.

I found it helpful to put reminders in my phone so I would remember to take my photos. In the reminders I also put
down how far along I would be so I could setup my scene accurately. If you use a physical planner, just jot down the days you need to take your photos so you don’t forget.


This is a time that will not come again! Even if you are pregnant multiple times, each time your body will look different.
If having weekly maternity photos is something that is important to you, go for it! It was important to me, and
appreciate having those photos to look back on.

Just to recap, these are the tips on how to take weekly pregnancy photos:

  1. Pick an ideal spot to take your photos
  2. Choose a backdrop
  3. Pick your number method
  4. Setup your tripod/camera stand
  5. Put reminders in your calendar

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