If you have read any of my other posts, I love using my letterboard in pictures!  They add a fun element, and the opportunities are endless.  Adding a letterboard to your photoshoot can be a fun way to add in personality.  Plus, it can help convey a plethora of information.  With that in mind, I created a list of maternity phrases for a letterboard.  

One of the areas that the letterboard can come in handy is maternity or pregnancy announcement shoots.  You can let viewers know the due date, gender, baby’s name, and more!  Or you can just use a cutesy saying that will convey your pregnancy loud and clear.

Not only do these work great for maternity sessions, they work for pregnancy announcements as well.  If you are looking to do a pregnancy announcement yourself, but don’t want to be in the picture, you can use just a letterboard with one of these phrases.  You can add some props around the letterboard to add some style. 

Depending on the style of photo session you are doing, you may want to stick with basic sayings.  Or, if you are getting more creative, you can use more fun sayings.  It really depends on the personality of the parents.  Everyone is different, which is why it can be handy to have a list of different sayings to draw on.

If you are looking for other props to add to your maternity shoot besides a letterboard, please check out my other article 15 Maternity Photo Prop Ideas.

I have gathered my favorite phrases to use for a maternity shoot for this article.  I sorted them into different categories so you can hopefully find something that will work well for your next maternity photo session: Simple, siblings, Christmas, fall, Harry Potter, Star Wars, sports/gaming, and fun.

Maternity quotes for a Letterboard - Pin 01


Sometimes, simple is best!  Especially if you are doing weekly bump-progression shots.  Here are some of the best simple maternity phrases for a letterboard.

  1. Baby *Last Name* due *Due Date*
  2. Baby coming soon
  3. Coming Soon
  4. … and then there were 3
  5. Dad/Mom established *year*
  6. *Number* weeks along
  7. Baby on the way


Not the first little one to arrive?  Include the sibling in the shoot!  They will be thrilled to get to be a part of the baby’s arrival.  Also, giving them the letterboard can help keep them occupied while you get some shots in.

  • Promoted to big brother/sister
  • Only child status ending *date*
  • Crib eviction process starting *date*
  • New best friend coming *date*
  • I am going to be the best brother/sister


If your maternity pictures are taking place around Christmas time, try incorporating a little festivity into the images.  A beautiful silhouette against a Christmas tree or belly wrapped up in a bow can make for some beautiful pictures!  You can also use a letterboard and incorporate one of these festive sayings:

  1. Santa Baby
  2. All I want for Christmas is You
  3. Dear Santa, don’t be jelly of my belly
  4. From silent nights to bundle of joy
  5. Gift from above
  6. Little angel due *date*
  7. Best present ever expected *due date*
  8. Merry Christmas!  Also, I’m pregnant


If you are not going to quite make it to Christmas, but have a lovely bump in the fall, there are still options!  You can use some of these sweet maternity phrases for a letterboard:

  • Little pumpkin coming *date*
  • Scary cute news!  Baby due *date*
  • No tricks, baby due *date*
  • New pumpkin coming to the patch
  • Little *boo* coming soon
  • Happy Halloween!  Also, I’m pregnant
Maternity quotes for a Letterboard - Pin 02


Not to be left out, spring has it’s own set of phrases that can be used for maternity shoots!  With new life budding all around, it is a great time to document a new one coming into this world.

  • Some-bunny is on their way 
  • Egg-citing news – baby due *date*
  • Baby in bloom
  • Lucky charm due *date*
  • Adding to our nest
  • Little chick set to hatch *date*
  • Here we grow
  • Our little bunny is on the way
  • A little birdie told me there is a baby on the way

Harry Potter

Surprisingly, Harry Potter is a popular theme for maternity shoots!  It could also happen I have enough for a category because I have the perfect Harry Potter setup (backdrop, props, the works!).  If you are looking to do a Harry Potter maternity session, check out some of these maternity phrases for a letterboard:

  • The Chosen One
  • Mandrake on the way
  • Accio Baby
  • Snuggle the muggle
  • Expecting Patronum
  • 9 months in Azkabam

Star Wars

Star Wars is also a popular franchise for maternity shoots.  Since there are so many movies and TV shows, there is a lot of content to pull from.  I picked my favorite Star Wars themed maternity phrases for a letterboard below:

  • I am your father
  • Future Jedi
  • The force is strong with this one
  • Cute, I Am


This is a popular category for pregnancy announcements!  Use some of these phrases in your photoshoot to get some of those popular images.

  • New character loading….
  • Baby achievement unlocked
  • Future gaming buddy
  • Little slugger coming soon
  • New player entering the game
  • New teammate arriving *date*
  • Game changer


Did someone say two??  Twins come with their own special reaction, so it is appropriate that there are some twin phrases you can use to document the occasion. 

  • Double the fun
  • 1 + 1 = 4
  • Two peas in a pod
  • We’re having a baby babies
  • Growing by four feet
  • Oh baby, baby
  • #twinning
  • Prayed for a miracle, received two
  • Our wish came true times two
  • Eating for three
  • Plot twist
  • Thing one, thing two
Maternity quotes for a Letterboard - Pin 03


With a sweet little baby on the way, some people may just want to stick with sweet phrases to use for their letterboard.  These work well for almost any kind of photoshoot and pregnancy announcement.

  • We love you already!
  • Our wish came true
  • For this child we have prayed
  • Engaged: *Date* Married: *Date* Baby Due: *Date*
  • Going to be a mommy/daddy
  • We’re expecting *year* to be great


It is good just to have fun with these sessions as well!  Some of these lend themselves well to getting creative with other props as well.  Below are some fun maternity phrases for a letterboard.

  • Ready to pop!
  • Bun in the Oven
  • Bump Ahead
  • Do not open until *Due Date*
  • Don’t eat watermelon seeds
  • Hello, my name is *baby’s name*
  • Prince/Princess arriving *date*
  • Little feet coming soon
  • Pitty Pitty Patter coming *date*
  • I can’t keep calm I’m pregnant
  • I make humans. What is your superpower?

Do you have a favorite maternity phrase that wasn’t listed?  Drop it in the comments below!  I always love gathering more ideas for future photoshoots.  If you enjoyed this article, please consider checking out some of my other related posts:

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