The 2022 year is almost upon us!  This is the time of year that many of us reflect on the year that has gone by while looking ahead to the future.  My goals as a photographer only continue to grow as I build upon what I have learned.

In 2021 my photography grew in leaps and bounds.  I look at the pictures from 2020 versus 2021, and I am amazed at how far I have come.  Photography is like any other skill: The more you practice the better you become.  It was quite satisfying knowing that my photography skills reflected my dedication to improving my goals as a photographer.

With 2022 now here, I am excited to set new goals for myself and see how everything looks in a year.  I chose a variety of goals that I would like to work on.  Some involve composition, others involve trying out new camera settings.    

These are my goals as a photographer as we enter in the new year:

  1. Get a shot at a brand-new location
  2. Take a photo of the same thing every month
  3. Complete a month-long photo challenge
  4. Take a slow SS picture of a waterfall
  5. Have one of my pictures published in a magazine or calendar

As they say, a goal without a plan is just a wish.  I have found that some good elements to a plan a goal from my goal-setting days of past:

  • Purpose (why am I doing this?)
  • Possible obstacles for reaching the goal
  • Resources I can use to reach my goal

Normally completion date would be in the list as well.  However, I am giving myself to the end of 2022 to complete all 5 of my goals as a photographer.  I wanted to make sure to give myself plenty of time!  The details of each goal are below:

11 - My goals as a photographer - Pin 1
Get a shot at a brand-new location

Purpose: It is easy to get complacent when taking shots and stick to your favorite shooting areas.  This year I want to mix it up, and get some pictures at a brand-new location.  It can either be for business or fun, or maybe even both!

Possible Obstacles: This is something that has not happened in a long time.  For the past few years, I haven’t gone anywhere new or exciting.  We have been hunkered down at home, working away.  It could be a challenge to make myself go somewhere new and take the time to figure out a place to go.  I will have to make sure I don’t get complacent!

Resources I can Use:  I can do some research on local places (I will probably not be able to travel very far). The local Chamber of Commerce might have some information, so I will check them out.  I can also hit the local FB groups and see if anyone has any recommendations on great shooting locations.

Take a photo of the same thing every month

Purpose: One of the ways I can tell I am improving is to take pictures of the same thing over and over again.  It then becomes a little easier to see if I am improving, or if any new techniques are working out.  I don’t plan on taking it from the same angle or position each month, but instead see if I can make each one improves upon itself. 

Possible Obstacles: I tend to be forgetful, so I may end up forgetting some month to take a picture of whatever thing it is that I am photographing each month.  Also, depending on what I am taking a picture of, I might feel like I don’t have enough time to take the picture. If I am being honest, the thing that I will probably be photographing every month is my cat or a nearby landmark. So, if my cat is uncooperative or I don’t feel like driving to the landmark, it could become a problem.

Resources I can Use: I can use reminders in my calendar to help me remember to take the pictures.  I can also make sure I choose a subject that is photo worthy, yet easy to access. 

11 - My goals as a photographer - Pin 2
Complete a month-long challenge

Purpose: Taking a photo every day gets me in a good habit, helps provide me with content for my social media account, and helps me think of subjects outside my comfort zone. 

Possible Obstacles: I have tried this a couple of times in the past.  I always make it to about day 10 before life happens and I abandon the project.  Also, as the month goes on I tend to get lazier.  Even if I do complete the challenge I am unsure about the quality of the pictures near the end of the month.  I will have to work it into my schedule to ensure I complete the challenge.

Resources I can Use:  I can find myself an accountability partner so that I make sure I finish the challenge.  Maybe I can even convince them to join me in the challenge and we can compare our shots!

Take a slow SS picture of a waterfall

Purpose: Have you ever seen one of those pictures of a waterfall where the cascading water looks almost silken?  Those incredible shots are taken using specific settings on your camera.  The most important one being your shutter speed.  Without getting super technical, you slow your shutter speed way down so you capture the motion of the falls.  I would love to have a photo like that in my portfolio!

Possible Obstacles: Life gets busy, and time gets away.  Where I live there is a very short season for waterfalls most years. If I get too much going on during that short time, I may miss my opportunity.  Also, sometimes the nearby falls don’t actually get any water in them.  This can prove problematic.  I may end up having to make some sort of waterfall at home!

Resources I can Use:  There are several falls around the area where I live, so finding one should be easy.  I can also ask friends and family if they know of any good waterfalls that are nearby.  I can also use YouTube videos to see how others have gotten their silky waterfall shots and what settings they used. 

11 - My goals as a photographer - Pin 3
Have one of my pictures published in a magazine or calendar

Purpose: This has been a goal of mine for a while.  I always thought it would be nice to have one of my photographs be considered “good enough” for print media.  I have submitted some shots here and there, but nothing has happened thus far.  I am hoping this year I can make it more of a priority and search out different calendar/magazine opportunities

Possible Obstacles: The biggest obstacle will be getting a picture that an editor thinks is good enough to be in their publication!  I will need to make sure I read all submission requirements completely.  Also, it will be helpful to see what kinds of images they published before so I know what kind of work they are looking for.  

Resources I can Use:  I can use the Internet to find different contests and magazines to publish in.  I can also keep an eye out at places to see if they have magazines I can look through.  Then I can see if there is a “submit your own photo” option. 


I am looking forward to so many things in 2022, including working on my goals as a photographer!  I encourage you to make your own goal list (for photography or another hobby you love) for what you would like to work on this year.

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