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Are you planning a maternity photo shoot?  Are you looking for a backdrop to complete your setup?  I have some great suggestions for you!  While a backdrop isn’t necessary for a great maternity photoshoot, if you are doing a session indoors it is a great item to consider. 

Maternity shoots can have a myriad of themes.  Finding the right backdrop can make or break your photoshoot.  From bohemian to neutral, from seasonal to fun, there is sure to be a backdrop out there that will work for your style. 

I love shopping for backdrops!  Anytime there is an event that I can get a new backdrop for, I get super excited.  I spend hours looking over the different options before deciding on one.  Sometimes, a backdrop itself will inspire a photoshoot theme. 

When I do buy a backdrop, nine times out of ten I purchase them from Kate brand backdrops.  The affiliate links in this post are for this company.  Below I go into more detail about why I prefer these drops. 

Pin 01 - Photography Backdrops for Maternity Sessions - Image of photography studio with floral backdrop up

What size of backdrop do I need?

For a maternity session, the smallest you can safely go is 8 x 8.  This way you can ensure you get the entire body in the frame.  Any smaller, you start running the risk of having the edges of your backdrop exposed.

If there are going to be family members in the shoot (spouses, kids, etc.) I would recommend going to at least 10 foot wide.  If you go this big, be sure you have the room to hang it up.  Or, that you get a studio system that will support a backdrop that big. 

Why Kate Backdrops?

You may wonder why I have chosen to become an affiliate partner for this brand.  There are quite a few backdrop companies out there, and you can find an array of backdrop options on various sites online.  While I have not tried all the companies out there,

I currently own 46 Kate backdrops (I had to go through and count!).  My first purchase was back in June of 2020.  So far, I have had no issues with fading, tearing, or anything else.  The first backdrop I bought is still going strong.  I have had to wash several of my drops (cake smashes can be messy!) and the backdrops came through just fine. 

Also, Kate had a large variety of backdrop designs!  Currently, they have over 5,000 different designs.  They are also adding new designs constantly.  Which is fun for me, not so much fun for my credit card!

When you get them, the do tend to be wrinkled.  However, I throw them into a dryer with a damp rag for about 15 minutes.  That helps get the wrinkles out of them.  They are also WAY easier to get the wrinkles out of than vinyl! 

Now that I have spilled my heart, onto my suggestions for photography backdrops for maternity sessions.

Pin 02 - Photography Backdrops for Maternity Sessions - Image of expectant mother against brick backdrop


Bohemian styled shoots have been pretty popular for awhile.  The perfect backdrop can really drive home the bohemian feel of a shoot.  The colors for these backdrops are usually white and pastel pinks, teals, and more. 

An advantage to going with this type of backdrop is that you can go simple, or go with props.  The bohemian style is very clean and the colors are easy to work with. 

Once you are done using these backdrops for the maternity shoot, you can save them for other occasions as well!  These work well for mommy-and-me sessions, first birthdays, 6 month photos, and more. 

Boho Spring/mother’s Day Floral Hoops

Boho Rainbow Backdrop

Spring/Mother’s Day Macrame Boho Floral Beige Backdrop


Sometimes simple is the way to go!  Just because something is simple, doesn’t mean it can’t be beautiful.  Simple backdrops can keep the attention on the mother to be, which is where is should be.  One big benefit of simple backdrops is that you can decorate them however you want, or add props to create a very specific feel.   

Another benefit to simple backdrops is that the can be used for so many different occasions.  They are not specifically maternity or any other event, so they can be used over and over again.  This is useful so you can help recoup the cost of the backdrop by using it multiple times.

Dark Tone Brick Wall Backdrop

Retro Style Dark Brown Wood Backdrop


It is always nice to have some fun at a photo session!  If you are looking to do a shoot that is a little more on the whimsy or lighthearted side, there is a backdrop for that as well. 

Bee: Want to do a “Bay-bee” themed maternity shoot?  I have yet to have the opportunity to have a session like that, but if I get the chance I will be prepared!  I would use this Honeycomb Bee Backdrop.

Is your mom-to-be more into fantasy and castles?  I would recommend the Dark Retro Castle Backdrop for the shoot.  It creates quite the magnificent effect.

If she still wants a fantasy feel, but wants something even more beautiful, consider this Elegant Stairs to Mardi Gras Backdrop.  I am honestly waiting for the day when I have an excuse to buy this one!

Pin 03 - Photography Backdrops for Maternity Sessions - Image of rolled up backdrops


Adding a backdrop with subtle florals can make for a beautiful backdrop.  These create timeless images that show the budding of new life.  Usually in these the florals are more subtle, so it doesn’t detract from the subject.

If you do go with a floral one, it would work well for other types of photo sessions as well.  Easter, mommy-and-me, Mother’s Day, one-year celebration, newborn, and more will work with this type of backdrop.

It is hard to choose which of the many floral backdrops would work the best, but I narrowed it down to three.  I would recommend doing a search though for floral backdrops to what all the options are.  You might find a different one that is perfect for what you are looking for!

Florals Fine Art Backdrop

Brown Abstract Floral Backdrop

Fine Art Florals Denim/Blue Backdrop


For an elegant shoot, I would recommend a colored, textured backdrop.  This will keep the focus on the expecting mom and off anything in the background.  Usually, it is best to get a color of backdrop that will complement the outfit of the mom to be. 

These backdrops come in handy for almost any type of shoot!  Family gatherings, headshots, senior sessions, newborn, and more will work with this type of drop.  You can also add props and banners to it for birthdays and other events.

Since colors can vary so much, I would recommend browsing all of the textured backdrops that Kate has to offer.  You can view Textured Backdrops Here.


Thanks for reading my post!  These are my personal suggestions for Photography Backdrops for Maternity Sessions.  Which backdrop is your favorite?

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