Happy St. Patrick’s Day!  When you hear St. Patrick’s Day, many things may come to mind: Green beer, four leaf clovers, and rainbows with pots of gold at the end.  One of the images that is probably not on the forefront is photo shoots.  However, if you are looking to have a little fun or trying to boost sales during a slow photo shoot season, a themed shoot with St. Patrick’s Day photo props may be perfect for you!   

A St. Patrick’s Day photo shoot can be a fun picture opportunity.  However, if you need a more solid reason, some reasons to consider doing a St. Patrick’s Day photo shoot include:

  1. Boost sales during a slow photo shoot season if you decide to do a paid shoot
  2. Get pictures of your loved ones between Christmas family photos and Easter shots with the Easter bunny
  3. Shoot for “Baby’s first St. Patrick’s Day”
  4. Have a picture for the month of March if you make a calendar for the grandparents next year
  5. Take some pictures of yourself just to have fun 😊

If you would like some inspiration, you have come to the right place!  There are actually quite a few fun props you can add to your shoot to give it a St. Patrick’s Day flair.  Here is a list of 10 St. Patrick’s Day photo props to help inspire your next St. Patrick’s Day photoshoot setup:

  1. Cauldron
  2. Gold Coins
  3. Rainbow
  4. Lucky Charms
  5. Green Streamers
  6. Lantern
  7. Beer Stein  
  8. Four Leaf Clovers
  9. Green, orange, and/or gold balloons
  10. Green hat

If you would like more in-depth discussions on each of these items, please keep reading!


What is nice about this prop is that it can be used for both Halloween and St. Patrick’s Day.  Take your Halloween cauldron, fill it with gold coins, and suddenly it can be used for this shoot as well!  You can also combine this prop with a rainbow prop for the “gold at the end of a rainbow” look.

As another option: Depending on how big the cauldron is you can also put a child or pet in it.  This way they can be the gold. 😊

Gold Coins

If you don’t have a cauldron, you can still use gold coins.  Pile them up or scatter them about.  I used the gold coins on a green shag carpet to look like they were strewn about a yard.  They also are good choices where children are involved, because it can give them something to hold.


The rainbow is both a fun and popular choice for St. Patrick’s Day photo shoots!  You can make the rainbow out of so many things: Streamers, balloons, and cardstock are just a few.  There are also many photo backdrops you can buy that have balloons incorporated into them (if you want to have something a little more permanent).

Lucky Charms

Want an excuse to buy some Lucky Charms cereal?  Use it as a prop, then enjoy it afterwards!  I have seen it used in a variety of ways.  A lot of times it is with children, especially when doing the milk bath setup.  Or, you can have the box sitting in the background while the cereal is spread around the floor.  Just keep in mind that if your subject is young they may start eating your props before you are done. 😊

Green Streamers

Streamers make a fun and inexpensive background choice for almost any holiday.  Just get a white backdrop (or wall) and tape up the streamers along the top.  You can twist them and then tape at the bottom to give it an awesome look.

If you want to mix it up, you can include orange and/or gold in your setup. 


I love my lantern prop, it is so versatile!  To spruce it up for St. Patrick’s Day, try wrapping some green ivy around the handle.  Or, use a green garland.  You can even try using a fake candle with a green light to give it a special touch!

15 - St Patricks Day Photo Props - Pin 2

Beer Stein

If your photo shoot doesn’t involve kids, why not add some fanciful beer stein into the shoot.  This works well if you have some special steins you would like to showcase.  There are some vintage steins that are amazing works of art – these would work perfectly!

Four Leaf Clovers

Good news is you can usually find rather large four-leaf clovers at the dollar store and most craft stores.  Get a whole bunch, or just one.  Usually kids love to have something to play with during shoots, so this would be something they could hold during the shoot.

Green, orange, and/or gold balloons

Balloons make a fun addition to a photo shoot!  Several ways you can incorporate balloons into your shoot are:

  1. Create a balloon arch
  2. Fill them with helium and have the subject hold them
  3. Scatter them around the floor
  4. Line them up along the back of your setup, so they can hide the seam of your backdrop (if you have one)
  5. Attach several to a basket to make it look like a hot air balloon.

Green hat

More specifically, a green leprechaun hat.  These can also be found at many craft stores and the dollar store.  Couple it with green, beaded necklaces or a green feather boa.  You can create quite the outfit if you look around!

15 - St Patricks Day Photo Props - Pin 3


There are so many options when it comes to photography!  This is why it is such an amazing art form.  Props can help you realize your artistic vision for a scene, especially one that is focused on the season at hand.  

Here is a list of 10 St. Patrick’s Day photo props to help inspire your next photo scene setup:

  1. Cauldron
  2. Gold Coins
  3. Rainbow
  4. Lucky Charms
  5. Green Streamers
  6. Lantern
  7. Beer Sties
  8. Four Leaf Clovers
  9. Green, orange, and/or gold balloons
  10. Green hat

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